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Stick against a long knife

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Last Monday (4th November 2019) we were looking at techniques using a hanbo against a wakizashi. The hanbo is a stick about 3 feet or a just under a meter in length and the wakizashi is a Japanese short sword it is shorter than the katana or samurai sword but longer than the tanto the samurai dagger. Both these weapons have western equivalents i.e. machete or long knife, and the techniques are just as applicable to these equivalents, so are very relevant to any part of the world.

In the video Dale is also using angles and timing. He is only moving when his opponent is committed to the strike and is therefore unable to redirect his attack to Dales new position. Dale moving off the line of the attack, so his opponent misses him. This gives him the opportunity to make his counterattack before his opponent can either attack again or get into a better position to defend himself.

In Dale’s counterattack, he is taking his opponents balance and structure with a strike that moves his opponents head out of alignment with his spin. This makes the opponent reliant on Dale to maintain his upright position and gives Dale complete control over his opponent.

This is a complex technique but we did build up to it during the evening.


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